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Experience home like accommodation in Parga in comfort and luxury

Located on the picturesque Valtos beach, only a short distance from the heart of Parga, LIVINGHOME SUITES is ideal for a luxurious getaway, offering a stunning sea view over the Ionian coast. All six suites will make you feel at home, featuring amenities including ample interior spaces, WiFi, private balconies, and modern kitchens, elevated with the high-end experience that a sharing pool and private jacuzzis provide. Indulge in the comfort of our suites and create memories with your partner and family that will last a lifetime!

Living Home Suites - Suites
Living Home Suites - Suites
Living Home Suites - Suites
Living Home Suites - Suites

Relax in outdoor jacuzzi

Enjoy electric bicycle

Live the most relaxing and outstanding experience while enjoying the most romantic sunset from the comfort of your outdoor jacuzzi!

Choose an environmentally friendly way to explore Parga’s Landscape by riding an electric bicycle. We offer this service on request.

Discover infinity sea view

Energy efficient

In our luxury suites you can enjoy an endless view of the Ionian Sea.

We adopt energy saving appliances and lights and minimize all form of waste. Additionally, our parking offers charging points for electric vehicles. 

ideal destination

Living Home Suites - Ideal Destination
Living Home Suites - Ideal Destination
Living Home Suites - Ideal Destination

Discover Parga and its unique scenery

Your vacation in Parga will be one of a kind, a destination with multiple natural and travel experiences. Renowned as a summer destination, Parga is actually a fantastic travel destination all year round. Magnificent coasts, history that is lost in the depths of the centuries, hiking trails and wonderful local cuisine are some of the things that you will experience at Parga.
Parga looks like an island in the Epirus landscape which spreads amfithreatically under the imposing ramparts of its Venetian castle which enchants the traveler with its colorful houses, picturesque coves, deep blue waters and beautiful beaches.
All accommodation choices feature spacious terraces with unparalleled sea views, elegant modern furnishing and bright colors. The overall feel of this exceptional accommodation is in total harmony with natural surroundings and infinity sea view.

Experience exciting activities

At LIVINGHOME SUITES, every guest receives a superior level of service along with the personnel that is always more than willing to answer questions concerning the area, restaurants, excursions, daily trips and specific activities.
Many attractions located near the area, including numerous dazzling beaches, lovely village of Sivota, mythical Acheron River, dreamy islands of Paxi and Antipaxi, and the ancient sites of Dodoni, Nekromanteion and Nikopolis, are definitely worth visiting.

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